An Open Letter to You, Who I Thought was the One.

I can’t talk to you or say anything to you I can’t see you and not have to pull myself together again. So I’m posting it here in the vast emptiness of the online world. A place you won’t ever find my words . … More An Open Letter to You, Who I Thought was the One.

Notes to You #3

I started opening soda cans/bottles by myself. I started waking up by myself. I started going out alone. I started being comfortable in my own body. Little by little I’m getting my confidence back. Little by little I’m finding happiness in being without you. I still love you after everything but I need to be … More Notes to You #3

Notes to You #2

You sent me a private message asking me if I kept your documents. Stupid question cause you know damn well I did. What I didn’t prepare to hear though were the words “I’m preparing to work abroad.” Once again the stable floor I’m standing on just collapsed. Why do you still affect me so much? … More Notes to You #2

Notes to You #1

We saw each other again today after 3 months of not seeing each other. The first thing you said “Will you take me back? I’m doing my best to change.” So what should I say? What should be the right answer?

Sometimes I sit and think “What if I never met you?” If I didn’t I wouldn’t be as sad as I am today. Or as alone. Or as messed up. But if I didn’t met you I wouldn’t have loved as much as I can with you. I wouldn’t have been able to these precious memories I hold dear. Meeting you was part of my journey. And if I really think about it, I never felt regret for anything.